The Tiny Orange Jewel from Siberia- Organic Sea Buckthorn

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Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is one of the world’s most nutritionally complete foods with more than 190 bioactive compounds. According to ancient Greek legend, sea buckthorn does wonders to the racehorses’ outer appearance, leading to its generic name Hippophae, that means “shiny horse”. The famous Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan credited Sea Buckthorn for giving his armies the incredible strength and endurance they needed to conquer the enemies.

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Photo credit: Natura Siberica

Sea buckthorn is a wonder plant that can survive the harshest environment as it can withstand temperatures from -43 to 40°C, and is both drought and salt resistant. Sourced directly from Russia, Simply Natural’s Organic Sea Buckthorn series are harvested in ecologically clean and pristine areas of Siberia. Its logistics center and harvesting site are equipped with blast freezing chambers and extensive cooling spaces, enabling immediate processing of the crop to retain its optimum nutrients

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Sea buckthorn is a true superfood with at least 60 antioxidants and 20 minerals:

  • Vitamin A, C, E 
    (Vitamin C content in sea buckthorn berries is about 12 times more than an orange)
  • Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 Fatty Acids
    (Sea buckthorn is one of the plant food  with all 4 types of omega fatty acids)
  • Carotenoids
    Plant Sterols
  • Proteins (Globulins & Albumins)
  • Minerals (Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium)

1). Immunity support 
Sea buckthorn has an exceedingly high amount of vitamin C. Together with other antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin A, E and Selenium, it plays integral roles in immunity support.

2). Skin health 
Sea buckthorn is rich in omega fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols and other vitamins. These nutrients help to moisturise skin, reduce sunburns and accelerate skin regeneration. Research shows that taking sea buckthorn oil extracted from pulp orally for 4 months may help to improve atopic dermatitis.

3). Gastric health
Sea buckthorn has anti-inflammatory properties that promote ulcer healing and soothe acid reflux.

4). Cardiovascular health
Sea buckthorn contains a number of heart-healthy bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, sterols and omega fatty acids.

5). Liver health
Sea buckthorn contains abundance of healthy fats, vitamin E and carotenoids content. To all of which may protect liver cells from damage.

6). Cancer
At least 60 antioxidants are found in sea buckthorn, which help to protect cells from the damage caused by  free radicals that may lead to cancer.

7). Weight management
Preliminary studies demonstrated that sea buckthorn may help to maintain healthy body weight by reducing body fat storage.


Organic Sea Buckthorn Product Series

Find the organic sea buckthorn products under Simply Natural’s Siberian Wonders Series: Organic Sea Buckthorn Elixir, Organic Freeze-Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries, Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, all certified organic by NASAA and EU.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Elixir Front

Organic Sea Buckthorn Elixir 

– Made from 100% organic sea buckthorn berries

– NFC (Not from concentrate) juicing technology

– Free from additives, preservatives and colourings

– No added sugar

– Vegan

– Great as daily fresh vitamin C booster drink

How to use:

– Enjoy on its own

– Dilute with water or mix with juice or smoothie

* Recommended to take 35 ml a day, twice a day. Refrigerate for best flavour.


Organic Siberian Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries Front

Organic Freeze-Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries

– Made from 100% organic sea buckthorn berries: Intense tangy & citrusy flavour

– Freeze-dried to retain its optimum nutrients: Equivalent to ~½ cup fresh sea buckthorn Berries per serving!

– Free from additives, preservatives and colourings

– High in vitamin C, antioxidants & omega fatty acids (3, 6, 7 & 9) 

– Contains more than 260 bioactive compounds 

– Vegan

– Grown in Siberia region in Russia

How to use:

– Enjoy as snack on its own 

– Add into tea, yogurt, oatmeal or muesli

– Blended into smoothie for extra nutrient boost

* Recommended serving size: 2 tablespoons (~5g)


Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil with Box

Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil

– 100% Organic Sea buckthorn Oil extracted from sea buckthorn berries pulp (not seed)

* Berries contains more omega-7 fatty acids than seeds

– Free from additives, preservatives and colourings

– Vegan

– Used externally as skin moisturiser, for wound healing, wrinkles and sunburn reduction

– Excellent plant-based omega fatty acids

How to use: 

– Take 1 ml (~12 drops) orally, once or twice a day. Suggest to mix into water, juice or smoothie.


– Topically apply 2-4 drops on skin to combat wrinkles, scars and dry skin.


Explore more about Simply Natural’s Siberian Wonders Series! 

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