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Tai Seng Yee
ZENXIN Organic Food Team Leader
Whether you are visiting us for the first time or have been loyally following us, I hope you find great joy and pleasure, browsing our selection of organic offerings curated specially for you.

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ZENXIN prides itself on being a specialist purveyor of organic food of exceptional quality, and this is largely due to the strong relationships we have forged with food producers the world over all these years.
At present, we have the largest variety of organic food offerings—-200 types of fresh produce from ZENXIN and 400 types of organic dried food from our sister brand Simply Natural—-all of which are essentials for daily life.
For us, it is not enough to find a selection that is Certified Organic, more than that, we want (you) to know the farmer who is growing your organic vegetables. In fact, we work closely with many small growers who devote their lives farming based on the micro climate in their organic plots of land.
Unknown to many, above and beyond sourcing for unique organic ingredients, ZENXIN, is first and foremost an organic farmer.
In our organic farming practices, we strive to uphold The 4 Principles of Organic Agriculture outlined by The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.
And due to this relationship we have established with Mother Earth, we are deeply aware and concerned about challenges faced in organic farming. This knowledge in turn, drives us to innovate, to be ever earth loving and to go all out to convert more farms into organic ones.
We are extremely proud to share that all of ZENXIN’s organic farms, fertilizer plants and warehouses are Certified Organic to International Organic Standards by NASAA, Australia. Besides, we have also achieved ISO22000, an international standard designed to ensure food supply chain safety worldwide.
And all the above has been realised because at ZENXIN, we are motivated by the natural healing capabilities of organic ingredients, and our vision and work has been to offer you with a selection so wonderful, you derive pure joy, selecting, preparing, cooking and eating food you love, for yourself and your loved ones.
Wishing you best of health,
Tai Seng Yee