Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 20ml Russia

RM 68.80

Country of Origin: Russia
Status: Organic
Certifications: NASAA, EU
Simply Natural Organic Seabuckthorn Oil is a 100% pure oil extracted from sea buckthorn berries pulp and not seed, as berries contain more omega-7 fatty acids than seeds. Sourced directly from Russia, it is made from organic sea buckthorn berries grown in ecologically clean and pristine areas of Siberian region in Russia. Free from any additives, preservatives and colourings, this vegan- friendly oil is an excellent source of plant-based omega fatty acids. It is also a highly adored product especially among females that provide the following health benefits:
– Soothe skin problems (dryness, wrinkles, dark spot etc.)
– Reduce menopausal symptoms (eg. vaginal dryness/ itchiness)
– Improves dry eye symptoms
It is also suitable to be used externally as skin moisturiser, for wound healing, wrinkles & sunburn reduction.

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