Glutinous Millet Dumplings

Have you been seeing dumplings all over social media lately?

Well, it’s no surprise as The Dragon Boat Festival (The Duanwu Festival) is coming soon!

Everyone is preparing by making these delicious dumplings (Zongzi / Bak Zhang) to celebrate!

The traditional dumplings are made with glutinous rice. This sticky rice is a common staple in the Asian diet, however, it is not a diabetic-friendly grain.

Glutinous rice has the highest glycemic index among all the other types of rice, as it lacks a component of starch known as amylose. Hence it causes a short-term spike in your blood sugar once consumed and gets digested quickly – causing you to get hungry much faster.

Note: The lower the amylose starch content, the higher the glycemic index. 

But fret not, you still can enjoy your favourite dumplings this festive season with Glutinous Millet!

Organic Glutinous Millet

Glutinous Millet is high in protein, gluten-free and rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium – your dumplings will be even more nutritious.

Try out this recipe today!

Stick Millet Recipe enlarged 1

Stick Millet Recipe enlarged 2


The ingredients!

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  1. Doreen says:

    Hi, I am your regular customer. The recipe u posted for millet dumplings is so small. Can’t read ler! Can u pls send me a clearer one to my email? Thanks!

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