Zenxin’s fresh produce is grown in Johor and Lojing Highland farms using organic farming methods – without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer. It strictly complies with the standards of Scheme Organic Malaysia, SOM (accredited by Department of Agriculture, Malaysia) and The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, NASAA.

Our farms are located in:

Johor – Air Hitam (Zenxin Organic Park)
Johor – Simpang Rengam
Lojing Highland

Presently, Zenxin Organic Shops can be found in several big cities of Malaysia including Kluang, Johor Bahru, Skudai, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

Moreover, we have more than 100 dealers throughout West Malaysia and Singapore in order to serve our customers better. ZENXIN organic vegetables are also available at Giant & Jusco in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor Bahru.

Zenxin is now starting to export its own fresh and healthy organic vegetables to Singapore and Hong Kong. We have a shop located at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre in Singapore where you can shop for fresh organic vegetables, fruits and other healthy products.

Selection of organic vegetables we produce:


Alfalfa sprouts
Baby Salad Leaves
Baby Spinach
Bean Sprouts
Cabbage (English)
Cabbage (Chinese)
Cabbage (Red)
Cabbage (Red)
Cekur Manis
Choy Sum Flower
Choy Sum (Hong Kong)
Choy Sum (Sweet/Japanese)
Fresh Aloe
Kai Lan
Kai Lan (Baby)
Kang Kong
Lettuce (Butter Head)
Lettuce (Crystal)


Asparagus White


Bunching Onion
Onion (Red)
Onion (Brown)


Potato Desiree
Potato Dutch Cream
Potato King Edward
Potato Nicola
Potato Sebago
Sweet Potato


Carrots (bag)
Carrots (juicing)
Carrots (tray)
Purple Carrot
Radish (Daikon)

Top selling organic vegetables:

1. Cai Xin (Choysum)

Fun fact: When cooking choy sum, simply blanch the greens and not overcook them. This helps retain their crunchy texture and bright green hue!

2. Xiao Bai Cai (Siew Pak Choy, Bok Choy)

Fun fact: Bake, braise, sauté or eat it raw. It tastes terrific either way!

3. Kang Kung

Fun fact: The kang kung is a versatile vegetable which can be prepared differently in Malaysian, Chinese cooking and Filipino cooking.

4. Chinese Spinach (green)

Fun fact: Chinese spinach cooks quickly, hence, they are great for soups.

5. Sweet Corn

Fun fact: Zenxin’s sweet corn is crunchy and sweet when eaten raw!

6. Tomato

Fun fact: Zenxin’s tomatoes are sweet, succulent and bursting with flavour!

7. Cucumber

Fun fact: Vitamin A is contained in the skin of cucumbers. Organic cucumbers don’t require peeling, hence, you get to enjoy more nutrients.

8. Bitter Gourd

Fun fact: Drinking bitter gourd juice regularly can improve stamina and boost energy levels.

9. Petola/ Luffa

Fun fact: It is best to eat luffa raw or cooked lightly to preserve its high nutrient content.

10. Mini Cos Lettuce

Fun fact: Mini Cos lettuce adds crunch and flavour to your sandwiches.

11. Cherry Tomatoes

Fun fact: For a tasty yet healthy snack, pop a few of Zenxin’s sweet cherry tomatoes in between meals!

12. Radish

Fun fact: Radishes can be added to vegetable juice to add flavour and help to soothe sore throats.

13. Leaf Lettuce

Fun fact: Lettuce tastes great when eaten with other types of food, including cheese, avocados, egg yolks and even vinegar.

14. Brinjal

Fun fact: For a fuss-free snack, simply soak brinjal slices in salt water, drizzle olive oil over them and BBQ them.

15. Round Cabbage

Fun fact: If you are on the popular cabbage soup diet, organic cabbage is a great choice because they are flavourful and fresh!

16. Iceberg Lettuce

Fun fact: Iceberg lettuce is fat-free and low in calories, making it perfect for those who are watching their diet.

17. Baby Kai Lan

Fun fact: Baby Kai Lan is rich in Vitamin A and is good for your eyes.

18. French Beans

Fun fact: French beans taste fantastic when served hot with butter and black pepper

19. Sweet Potato Leaves

Fun fact: For a quick, nutritious and wholesome meal, simply steam the sweet potato leaves and serve them with white rice.

20. Kai Lan

Fun fact: Kai Lan contains the same nutrients as broccoli!