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Latest Activities for Zenxin Community2018-10-16T11:25:33+08:00

For new upcoming events in our outlets or at Zenxin Organic Park, please check out:

Links: In Store Upcoming Events  & Zenxin Organic Park

Other Initiatives:

To follow up on our mission to be a sustainable company, we would like to introduce you to Zenxin’s Eco Initiative.

There are a myriad of ways in which we can make the world a greener place. Many of them are simple practices and small lifestyle changes that can accumulate to have a big impact.  Under the Zenxin Eco Initiative, we aim to share Eco Ideas, be it internal decisions to help reduce waste, information to raise awareness, or simple ideas that can help us be more environmentally friendly.

We hope these ideas serve as inspiration and motivation for sustainable living, so that we as conscious consumers can play our part in maintaining the harmony between men and their environment.

Resealable Packaging

To reduce the amount of containers we use, Zenxin will be providing resealable stickers for some of our products that don’t go stale easily, such as oats, beans and grains. After opening the package you can easily remove, roll and re-paste the sticker for simple, easy storage.

Reuse This Box!

When you order from our Organic Express (http://www.organicexpress.my/) home delivery service, our fine selection of fresh organic produce will be sent to you in cardboard boxes, which you can, and should reuse.

The sturdy boxes come in handy as storage boxes, or use your imagination and turn them into creative arts and crafts! To get you started, here are some ways you can reuse, or up-cycle cardboard boxes: http://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/17-creative-ways-to-reuse-cardboard-boxes-47420#.Vb7kU_mqqko

At Zenxin, we deliver fresh vegetables to outlets and selected supermarkets in corrugated plastic containers. These collapsible boxes are then collected by our drivers, brought back, and reused again. This allows us to reduce packaging costs, but most importantly reduce waste.

Reduce Food Waste

Zenxin prides ourself in our ability to deliver fresh organic produce that is very high in quality. This, however, does come at a cost. Everyday as the best fruits and vegetables are being cleaned, hand picked and packaged, we reject those that are aesthetically flawed. This may include bruises, minor or major insect bites, damages done during transportation, or even a misshapen growth. Sadly, a large portion of these “rejects” are still perfectly edible, but is not acceptable for sale in major supermarkets.

It is sad for us to see all these good food being thrown away, so we sell these edible rejects, or as we like to call them ‘ORGANIC UGLIES‘ at a discounted price, to our staff, selected outlets and some local restaurants. They are also sent to our own kitchen to be included in the daily staff meals.

Think twice before you throw away that Bok Choy with holes dotting the leaves, they are real proof that our veggies are truly organic!