Simply Natural’s Organic Soy Sauce Series

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  • Purely made with high quality ingredients纯正、优质原料制成

Made with only 4 ingredients: high quality non-GMO soybeans and wheats organically grown in Dongbei (Northeast China), filtered water and salt without added sugar or any food additives.仅用4种原料:来自中国东北,以有机方式种植的优质非基因改造大豆和小麦,过滤水和盐制成,不含添加糖份或任何食品添加剂。

  • Slow fermentation process for a period of 12 months using 140 years old traditional technique沿用140年传承工艺酿足12个月

12-months aging process using traditional high salt-liquid state fermentation technique develops good aroma and complexity of flavour in the soy sauce. Long, slow fermentation process converts the protein of soybean and wheat starch into amino acid and simple sugar. The fermented product also contains alcohol, organic acid, ester and other compounds which contribute a different aroma and distinct mouthfeel. Meanwhile, soy sauce produced through fermentation does not contain 3-MCPD, a type of carcinogen that could be found in chemically produced soy sauce. *Total nitrogen and amino acid nitrogen (AAN) content of Simply Natural’s organic soy sauce are ≥1.5g/100 ml and ≥0.9g/100 ml respectively.Minimum requirement for total nitrogen content of soy sauce according to Malaysian and Singapore Food Regulation Standards is 0.6g/100 ml. In countries like Japan or China, the grading of soy sauce is classified according to its nitrogen content. The higher the nitrogen content, the better the flavour and more premium the soy sauce is. 使用传统的高盐稀态发酵技术酿足12个月,还原纯正豆香。长时间的低温发酵过程能有效地将大豆中的蛋白质和小麦淀粉转化为氨基酸和单糖,并产生少量的酒精,有机酸,酯和其他化合物,使酱油风味更丰富及醇厚。同时,通过发酵生产的酱油不含3-氯丙二醇(3-MCPD),这是一种在化学制造酱油中可能含有的致癌物质。*诚兴有机酱油每100毫升的总氮和氨基酸氮(AAN)含量分别不少于1.5克和0.9克。根据马来西亚和新加坡食品法规标准,酱油总氮含量的最低要求为每100毫升不少于0.6克。在日本或中国等国家,酱油的等级也根据含氮量进行分类。氮含量越高,酱油的风味越好,酱油等级也越高。

  • Lower sodium content 钠含量较低

Simply Natural’s organic soy sauce contains 40-50% less sodium, deemed it a healthier option for all including kids.

  • Brand M’s Organic Soy Sauce: 9000 mg++/100ml  


  • Simply Natural’s Premium Grade Organic Soy Sauce: 5623 mg/100 ml
  • Simply Natural’s Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce: 4642 mg/100 ml
  • Simply Natural’s Organic Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce (coming soon!): 4867 mg/100ml


  • 品牌M的有机酱油:9000毫克++ / 100毫升


  • 诚兴特级有机酿造酱油:5623毫克/100毫升
  • 诚兴有机红酵母酱油:4642毫克/100毫升
  • 诚兴有机减盐酱油(即将推出!):4867毫克/100毫升
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red yeast soy sauce label sodium content
  • Full bodied flavour 多层次的酱油风味

Simply Natural’s organic soy sauce has a well balanced salty flavour, followed by moderate umami, sweet taste with a slight tinge of bitterness and sourness. The soy sauce is also described to have the sixth flavour- Kokumi (or oleogustus) taste. Kokumi taste is the richness in flavour and naturally occurs in aged and fermented foods. 诚兴有机酱油味道丰富,不仅仅是咸味,您还能品尝到酱油的鲜味,甜味以及淡淡的苦和酸味。因酿造时间够长,您也能品尝到酱油中的第六种风味-浓香味(Kokumi)。 Kokumi被形容为一种令人愉悦的美味,与鲜味不同,Kokumi指的是入口时的口感,并能够让食物的味道持续更久,发酵时间较长的食品通常会具有这种风味。

  • Available in 3 different kinds of soy sauce 3种不同种类的优质有机酱油任您选择:

Each comes with its own unique flavour to suit different cooking method and consumers:每一种都有自己独特的风味,适合不同的烹饪方法和族群:

Premium Grade Organic Soy Sauce 550ML Front

Premium Grade Organic Soy Sauce 特级有机酿造酱油

  • Best for dipping and cooking最适合蘸食及烹饪
Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce Front 1

Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce 有机红麹酱油

  • Best to complement braised dishes for natural appealing flavour and colour 颜色红亮、酱香浓郁,用于烹饪红烧菜更能增添色泽及风味

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