Online Shopping Guide

Step 1: Click the “Login/ Register” button, and fill up your email address and password for the account registration.

Step 2: Click the “Shop” button

Step 3:
Choose your “Region” option (Address for Delivery)

Step 4:
Select the product from our “Product Categories” and “Brand” list.

Step 5:
Click the “+” or “-” button to change the quantity of item you would like to purchase, and click the “Add to cart” to add the item into your cart.

Step 6:
After item has been added to your cart, you can click the “Shopping cart” icon at the top right of the screen or click “Checkout” to checkout.

Step 7:
Check and confirm all product details

Tip 1: Type in special coupon/ voucher code to receive extra discounts on your purchase.
Tip 2: Add/ Reduce your product quantity before completing checkout.
Tip 3: Click the cross “X” to delete any product from your order.

Step 8:
Click the “Calculate shipping”, and update your shipping details

Step 9:
You can choose “Local Pickup” or “Delivery Service”, and proceed to checkout.

Step 10:
Please fill in the “Billing Details” and check Your Order again. After checking, click the Place Order.

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