Online Shopping Guide

Step 1: Click the “Login/ Register” button, and fill up your email address and password for the account registration.

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Step 2: Click the “Shop” button

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Step 3:
Choose your “Region” option (Address for Delivery)

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Step 4:
Select the product from our “Product Categories” and “Brand” list.

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Step 5:
Click the “+” or “-” button to change the quantity of item you would like to purchase, and click the “Add to cart” to add the item into your cart.

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Step 6:
After item has been added to your cart, you can click the “Shopping cart” icon at the top right of the screen or click “Checkout” to checkout.

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Step 7:
Check and confirm all product details

Tip 1: Type in special coupon/ voucher code to receive extra discounts on your purchase.
Tip 2: Add/ Reduce your product quantity before completing checkout.
Tip 3: Click the cross “X” to delete any product from your order.

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Step 8:
Click the “Calculate shipping”, and update your shipping details

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Step 9:
You can choose “Local Pickup” or “Delivery Service”, and proceed to checkout.

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Step 10:
Please fill in the “Billing Details” and check Your Order again. After checking, click the Place Order.

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2 thoughts on “Online Shopping Guide

  1. Tan Carol says:

    I would like to order fresh vegetables to send to Johor, Kota Tinggi. But I was told that I cannot order fresh vegetables. Can i suggest let the customer place an order 2 or 3 days in advance then ask the delivery company to collect directly from Zen Xin? If we can’t order vegetables, then is no point to order from Zhen Xin. Please consider my suggestions. Thank you.

    • Huiwen says:

      Hello Carol, thank you for your interest in our products. Currently Kota Tinggi is not in our delivery area. We will consider your suggestions and continue to look for suitable and trustworthy third-party delivery companies, hoping to expand our delivery area. If you have more inquiries or suggestions, please contact us at 012-7058199 or [email protected]. Thank you!

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