How to use red yeast in your cooking

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Red yeast (Scientific name: Monascus purpureus) is a species of yeast which has a purplish-red colour and is commonly fermented into red yeast rice. Red yeast products that are commonly found in Chinese grocery shops include red yeast powder, red yeast rice, red yeast soy sauce and red yeast paste.

In China, red yeast has been used for hundreds of years as traditional medicines for digestive and vascular health, and has also been a dietary staple in many Asian countries, where it was made into an extract to use as a colouring agent in various dishes. While in Western countries, it has been used as a food supplement and natural remedy for lowering total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Red yeast contains active ingredients such as monacolin K, which possesses cholesterol-lowering effects that have less adverse side effects than prescription drugs used to treat high cholesterol. Studies have also shown that red yeast possesses anti-inflammatory effects and is able to reduce blood sugar, insulin levels and systolic blood pressure for people with metabolic syndrome.

As red yeast is safe to consume, it can be used as a natural colouring agent in a wide range of food products, including rice, porridge, mee sua, vegetables, vinegar, wine, fermented bean curd, Chinese pastry and confections.

You can cook red yeast rice like regular rice, by adding 1 cup of red yeast rice with 1 1/2 – 2 cups of water and cooking it for 25 minutes. Go easy on the amount of red yeast you use in cuisines and excessive amounts may result in a bitter taste.

It is easy to use red yeast in your daily cooking. The suggested serving size would be 1- 2 tablespoons. Red yeast powder could taste a little sour when uncooked but will lessen after cooking.

Red yeast could also be mixed with vegetable oil or wine and sugar to create red yeast sauce, that could be used as a topping on your favourite dish such as steamed tofu.


红麹霉 (学名:Monascus purpureus)是一种带紫红色的真菌。红麹米是以粳米作为原料,用红麹菌霉发酵而制成。普遍上华人常用红麹霉产品来做为主食或天然调色剂,它包括红麹粉,红麹米,红麹酱油和红麹酱等。


红麹含有的活性成分 – 红麴菌素 K已被很多的研究发现具有降低胆固醇的功效,并且与用于治疗高胆固醇的药物比起来副作用更小。研究也显示,红麹米具有抗发炎的作用,能够降低代谢综合症患者的血糖、胰岛素水平、和血压。


红麹米最方便和容易的煮法是煮成米饭,口感和味道都不错,也适合一家大小食用。红麹米饭的煮法简单,只需把1 杯红麹米加入1 1/2 至 2 杯的水, 然后煮25分钟,但必须注意若在食物中加入过量的红麹米或红麹粉可能会使菜肴产生苦味。

红麹粉的使用方法也非常简单,分量约为1 – 2汤匙,只需与你喜爱的食物混合并一起烹煮。虽然红麹的味道带微酸,但烹饪后酸味便会减少。


Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce Front
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Simply Natural will be proudly launching our own Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce made with high quality soybeans, premium quality red yeast rice and wheat organically grown in Dongbei (Northeast China). It is naturally brewed for 12 months using a 140-year-old traditional soy sauce fermentation technique without adding any artificial additives. The Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce best complements braised dishes for a natural, appealing colour and flavour. It is also a healthier choice of soy sauce which has 20% less sodium than traditional soy sauce and is also suitable for vegans!


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