Healthy and Attractive Food for Your Kids

Clever Food Choices For Healthy Happy Kids

Clever Food Choices For Healthy Happy Kids

If the old adage “You are what you eat” stands true, then the earlier we start to be mindful about the food choices we make for our children, the better it is for their growth and development. 

The food a child eats and the nutrition he or she gets has a profound and long lasting impact on his/her health throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  Eating nutritious food is essential to support child’s growth and contribute to mental and physical development.  

To get your child to eat well and avoid consuming too much junk food, make nutritious choices appealing. At ZENXIN, we show you that this need not be an uphill battle.  For parents with hectic schedules, read on. 

1. Simply Natural Organic Baby Noodles
Nutritional content, taste and flavour, texture and ease of consumption, price point and ease of preparation, these are qualities parents consciously look out for when rounding up food choices for a growing baby. 

Simply Natural Organic Baby Noodles are carefully made using only high quality certified organic flour from Australia and contains a very high percentage (20%) of fresh organic vegetables. Absolutely free from additives, artificial colouring and flavouring, these vegan-friendly noodles are produced in a NASAA and MESTI certified facility. In view that babies may have just started on solids, these baby thin noodles have only 1mm thickness to facilitate swallowing.
 Organic Baby Noodles

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2. Simply Natural Organic Handmade Noodles
Combining great energy from ZENXIN’s organic fresh vegetables and more than 50 years of artisan noodle making expertise, Simply Natural’s Organic Handmade Noodle is your go-to choice when preparing an appealing and nutritious meal for your child.

With 13 inspiring flavours — organic pumpkin, carrot, turmeric, beetroot, spinach, mulberry, quinoa, sweet potato, charcoal etc to choose from, they are easy to cook, versatile and work well with a myriad of sauces. The Rainbow selection which contains XX  is a joy to have and packs in all the colours so you can literally have your rainbow and eat it.

Proudly handcrafted using Premium Australian Organic Flour and certified organic fresh produce, Simply Natural Organic Handmade Noodles contains 20% organic fresh vegetables puree and is free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Devoid of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, these clean choices are absolutely fuss free and make great healthy meals in just 5 minutes.

Organic Handmade Noodles

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3. Simply Natural Organic Gluten-free Pasta
Available in various flavours and texture, Simply Natural Organic Gluten-free Pasta is not only a perfect choice for a gluten-free diet, but also awesome when you want to increase your child’s fibre intake.

Made with simple organic ingredients, Simply Natural Organic Gluten Free Pasta Series offers a soft texture with mild flavour. Free from preservatives, MSG and additives, they pair well with any other tomato or cream-based soup. 

Gluten free 1

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4. Simply Natural Organic Turkish Dried Fruits
Moist  and tender with a velvety texture. Simply Natural’s Organic Dried Turkish Dried Fruits are meticulously sun-dried to create soft, succulent fruits with its natural sweetness, making them the best healthy snack ever.

The next time your child wants to reach out for junk food, hand these 100% certified organic premium sun-dried fruits to them instead. With no sugar added, Simply Natural Turkish Dried Fruits, packed ripe, are a great source of fibre, gluten-free and has absolutely no sulphur treatment.

Organic Turkish Dried Fruits

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