8 Pink or Red Food that Nourish Mommies

“Mother” is often symbolised as a caring, loving, brave and sometimes cool person that will support, encourage and shape children into their successful future. Providing nutritious food is what we can do to return the favour for what she has done in the years taking care of us. ZENXIN has specially curated 8 pink or red foods that are packed with nutrients that will nourish our Mothers.

“母亲”的代表词 – 关爱、疼爱、勇气,并时而冷酷。在教育孩子向人生的成功道路迈进,母亲的责任是何其重要的。在此为劳苦功高的母亲献上8种富含营养素的粉色及红色食物。

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1. Cranberries 蔓越莓

Berries are often known as gems that are packed with nutrients such as antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamin C and fibres. Cranberry is also known for relieving Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or as preventive measures for women as it prevents UTI causing bacteria (E.coli) from adhering to the urinary tract. Cranberries are also beneficial toward heart health due to its fibre content which are known to be able to manage blood cholesterol level.

酸甜美味的浆果类水果富含抗氧化物质、花青素、维生素C、纤维等等对人体有益的营养素。对于女性,摄取蔓越莓能有效预防细菌粘附于膀胱壁,进而降低泌尿道感染的风险。 其高含量的纤维则能帮助控制血脂,并降低心血管疾病的风险。

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2. Goji berry 枸杞

This little red berry is also commonly known as the wolfberry. It is high in antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin that will protect our mothers from free radicals that would accelerate the ageing process. Additionally, its high content in Vitamin C and A will boost their immune system and prevent illnesses such as the common cold and reduces the risk of cancer. In ZENXIN, we also guarantee that our organic goji berries are free from chemical pesticides and are not treated with sulfur, which results in a darker coloured dried goji.

有着亮红色外表的小浆果 – 枸杞 具有高含量的抗氧化物质,尤其是玉米黄质。玉米黄质能抵抗有可能导致老化的自由基。此外,枸杞富含维生素C 和 A,有助于强化免疫系统,以预防感冒及减低癌变风险。有机枸杞则颜色较深, 因未经硫磺处理,并且无使用化学农药,能安心食用。

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3. Beetroot 甜菜根

Beetroot, a root vegetable dark red in colour with a tinge of purple. Organic beetroot that is sourced from Australia is less earthy with sweeter notes, making it perfect for juicing. It is a wonderful source of fiber, folic acid, iron, and vitamin C. Its iron content would reduce the occurrence of anemia, which is commonly seen in females experiencing puberty and even into adulthood. Its nitrate content also possess numerous health effects such as optimising blood pressure, reduces risk of diseases and lastly, keep our Mothers energetic to start off a great day.

深红里带点紫的根茎类蔬菜 – 甜菜根, 而自澳洲进口的甜菜根则带微甜而不含“土味”,非常适合打成果汁饮用。甜菜根富含纤维、叶酸、铁及维生素C,而其铁质成分则能预防好发于青春期直到育龄期女性的贫血问题。此外,其硝酸盐成分则在研究里显示能有效维持健康血压水平、降低疾病风险及保持活力以开启充满活力的每一天。

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4. Hibiscus tea 洛神花茶

Time for tea! Hibiscus Tea is a sour-tasting tea that has similar effects as antidepressants as it calms the nervous system and helps maintain blood sugar at a healthy range. High levels of antioxidants help to optimise blood pressure level. Hibiscus Tea is best served cold with some honey that gives it a refreshing taste, especially during a hot afternoon.


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5. Cherry 樱桃

Cherry is also a great source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium and other juicy goodness! Its ability in combating oxidants helps to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases and delay aging. Moreover, consuming cherries could improve sleep quality as it contains melatonin that helps maintain normal sleep-wake cycles. Cherries can be consumed directly, prepared as a juice or consumed in its dried form – often loved by people who wish to have smoother skin!

樱桃富含纤维、维生素C、钾等等。爱美人士则常打成汁饮用或摄取樱桃干。樱桃的抗氧化特质能有效降低疾病风险及减缓老化。 不止如此,富含褪黑激素的樱桃能有助于调整睡眠周期,进而提高睡眠品质。

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6. Raisin 葡萄干

This dried fruit is the people’s favourite and can be taken as a quick snack or as a topping on your oatmeal. Its high fibre content would aid in weight control by keeping you full for a longer time and keeping your cholesterol level in check. Not to forget its high iron content that could help prevent anemia during menstrual periods.

备受人们喜爱,常用于零食或燕麦上的点缀的葡萄干含有含高纤维,能饱腹并控制血脂,整体下来则能维持健康体重。 而且不能不提到其铁质亦能预防常见于女性的贫血问题。

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7. Dates 枣干

Dates contain great sources of antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acid that reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, eye-related diseases and some cancers. Consuming dates would also help in promoting and easing natural labor in pregnant women due to its tannins which facilitates labor contractions.


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8. Strawberry 草莓

As part of the berries family, strawberries are packed with strong antioxidants and anticancer nutrients, which are called anthocyanins. They help in protecting the body by repairing cells and resisting oxidants that will trigger inflammations and accelerate the aging process. It also reduces the risk of breast and gastrointestinal tract cancers. Furthermore, it is also high in folic acid and Vitamin C that are crucial nutrients for women especially during their childbearing years. Quick tip! Opt for organic strawberries instead of conventional ones! Conventional strawberries are often treated with chemical pesticides and are ranked first in ‘Dirty Dozen’ in ranking pesticide contamination on common fruits and vegetables. Click to know more: https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/full-list.php

浆果类水果家族成员之一 – 草莓亦富含有效抗癌及抗氧化的花青素。花青素能预防老化及发炎,进而降低癌症风险,如乳癌、消化道癌变等。草莓也具有高含量;育龄期女性不可或缺的叶酸及维生素C以维持宝宝健康及巩固免疫力。常规种植的草莓在Dirty Dozen (农药残留浓度最高) 则排名第一,因此尽可能选择有机认证的草莓。想知道更多有关 Dirty Dozen 的咨询,可点此查询:https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/full-list.php  

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