3 Must Have Tea in Your Cabinet

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Did you know that tea was originally consumed for its medicinal property? Be it immune support or boosting energy, teas are at the top of the list for general well-being.

On the other hand, Functional Tea is a combination of well-balanced traditional formula with its ingredients carefully selected and blended, working synergistically to improve specific health concerns.

What better way to support your health than by sipping on a comforting, nourishing cup of tea throughout the day? We proudly introduce 3 Simply Natural’s Organic Functional Teas, each with its distinct functional benefits from digestion to immune support.

  1. Organic Cold Care Tea 

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Organic Cold Care Tea is a mixture of 4 organic herbs that work synergistically to support a healthy immune system by reducing common cold and flu symptoms. Tilia (or commonly known as linden) has been used traditionally to induce sweating for feverish colds and infections. Guava Leaves and Fennel contain antiviral bioactive compounds (e.g. flavonoids) that aid in improving immune functions. Together with Anise seeds, these ingredients work synergistically to reduce nasal congestion and relieve throat irritation and cough.

Tips:  Brews into mellow and woody notes with cooling finish. Enjoyable any time in the day or night. Steep into hot water for 3-5mins. To enhance its flavour, you may add lemon, or your favourite natural sweetener (e.g. stevia).

  1.     Organic Mother’s Herb Tea

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A well-balanced traditional formula that combines Fenugreek, Fennel, Caraway fruits and Anise fruits, it produces a sweet and floral afternote.

Fenugreek, Anise and Caraway have been traditionally used to increase milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. This organic, caffeine-free tea navigates the mothers’ through their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. 

Another beneficial ingredient for babies, Fennel may help to relieve colic or wind.

Tips:  Brews into sweet floral flavour with an aromatic finish. Enjoyable any time in the day or night. Steep into hot water for 3-5mins. To enhance its flavour, you may add lemon, or your favourite natural sweetener (e.g. stevia).


 3.      Organic Smooth Digestion Tea

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A perfect combination of 7 wonder herbs that works synergistically to enhance bowel movements in a gentle way. The primary ingredient, Senna leaves, has been widely used as a traditional remedy for constipation.

The presence of sweet yet earthy herbal ingredients such as Fennel, Licorice, Coriander oil and Chamomile help to soothe the unpleasant feelings of cramping. This perfect blend may provide flatulence relief due to the combination effect of Dill, Fennel, Anise and Coriander.

Tips:  Brews into sweet and spicy taste with an aromatic finish. Recommended to drink at night before going to bed as it may help with smooth bowel movements the next morning. Steep into hot water for 3-5mins.  

Common FAQs:

  1. Where the source of origin for these teas?
    Like other Simply Natural Teas, these 3 flavourful teas are sourced from trustable tea organizations, SEKEM, EGYPT. They ensure finest quality, complies to international organic standards and HACCP by Sekem Group in Egypt. They won multiple sustainable awards including Sustainability World Leader in the World Economic Forum.
  2. Who can drink the above-mentioned teas?
    Anyone. Although functional teas are carefully blended to ease specific health concerns, it is still safe to drink by healthy individuals. Those who are on medication are advised to seek consultation from a healthcare practitioner.  
  3. Are these functional teas caffeine-free?
    Yes absolutely, all of the 3 stated products are free from caffeine.

Grab the one suits you here: 

MY: bit.ly/oexcoldcaretea | SG: bit.ly/ODcoldcaretea

MY: bit.ly/oexsmoothdigestiontea | SG: bit.ly/ODsmoothdigestiontea

MY: bit.ly/oexmothersherbtea | SG: bit.ly/ODmothersherbtea

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