Sugar Smart Dinner by Kee Yew from The Veg School

Quinoa Tabbouleh 中东小小米沙拉

quinoa salad


Org. Quinoa ½ cup

Water 1 cup

Org. English Parsley (chopped) ½ bowl

Org. Tomato (diced) ½ bowl

Org. Cucumber ½ bowl

Mint (chopped) 1 tbsp

Lemon juice 1 pcs

Black pepper a pinch

Olive oil 2 tbsp

Rock salt to taste

有机小小米 ½ 杯

水1 杯

有机香芹 –  ½ 碗

有机番茄(切丁)½ 碗

有机黄瓜 ½ 碗

薄荷 1 汤匙

柠檬汁(1 粒柠檬)


橄榄油2 汤匙



Cook quinoa with water in a rice cooker. When cooled, mix with all other ingredients and serve fresh.



The ingredients!


Millet Bowl 糯小米机

sticky millet bowl


Sticky Millet (pre-soaked overnight) 3 cups
Chestnuts 1 cup
Mushroom 6 pcs
Cinnamon 1 stick
Black Pepper Powder ½ Tbsp
Water 1.5 cup
Shoyu 3 Tbsp
Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 3 Tbsp
糯小米(浸泡隔夜)3 杯
栗子1 杯
冬菇6 片
桂皮1 枝
黑胡椒粉 ½ 汤匙
水1.5 杯
酱油3 汤匙
冷压芝麻油3 汤匙


Mix all ingredients (except oil), cook in rice cooker, add on oil and serve warm.



The ingredients!


Sweet Potato Mochi 番薯麻芝

sweet potato mochi


Sweet potato 300g

Roasted Sesame ½ bowl

番薯300 克



Steam sweet potato, pat dry, peel off skin, and blend for 20 seconds to become a dough.

Shape dough into round balls and coat with sesame.

把番薯蒸熟,抹干,去皮,置入搅拌机,搅拌 20 秒以至变成面团。

把面团搓成小球, 抹上芝麻即可享用。


The ingredients!


Pumpkin Soup 南瓜汤

org. pumpkin soup


Pumpkin 250g

Carrot 50g

Cashew 90g

Black Pepper 2 tsp

Hot water 600mL

Rock salt to taste

金瓜250 克

红萝卜50 克

腰果90 克

黑胡椒2 汤匙

热水600 毫升



Mix all ingredients (except cashew nut) and bring to boil before blending into smooth cream along with cashew nut.

Sprinkle black pepper and serve hot.




The ingredients!

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