ZENXIN Healthy Breakfast Box- Organic Fruits, Dairy and Cereal for family of 4

RM 100.00 RM 99.00

Varieties of goodness as best kick starter for a wonderful day!
What’s inside the box?
(depends on weekly availability)
– Banana 300g
– DiamondPure Milk 1Litre
– Sweet Potato Mantou 350g
– Yam Mini Buns 270g
– 1 tray of Little Cutie Eggs (10pcs)
– Organic Happy Energy Muesli 500g (Finland)
– Oragnic Quinoa puff 150gm (Bolivia)
– Organic Toasted Yerba Mate Tea 32g (Brazil)
– Organic Handmade Mixed Rice Noodle 200gm

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