Tri-Grain Baby Rice 500g Malaysia Klang Valley

RM 10.90

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Status: Natural
Highlight: Simply Natural’s Tri-Grain Baby Rice is a perfect blend of high quality grains, made without chemicals, additives and preservatives. Made with certified organic quinoa from Peru and millet from China, its simply a great nutritious grains mixture to add to babie’s meal. This hypoallergenic mixture can provide energy and adequate amount of protein and fibre. Recommended for babies who are able to take solid food (aged 6-8 months and above). Suggested to start with small amount of rice with more water. Firstly rinse the grains, then cook the grains with water in the ration of 1:7 (porridge)/ 1:1 (rice) until it becomes soft and tender.

Selling Region: Klang Valley

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