Organic Nadorcott Mandarin Clementines (Leafy) 1kg Spain

RM 48.80

Country of Origin: Spain
Status: Organic
Highlight: ZENXIN’s Organic Nadorcott Mandarin from Spain is here! Nadorcott Mandarin is a special breed of clementines grown in Valencia, located 20 km from the sea. Unlike other oranges, they are seedless, much sweeter in taste with very slight tartness and have a strong pleasant clementine fragrance. Giving out just the perfect well-balanced flavour! Being an easy fruit to peel, clementines can be enjoyed by the whole family anytime of the day. Here at ZENXIN, we keep the leaves of the clementines so they remain fresh and juicy. A perfect gift to friends and family for this upcoming Chinese New Year!
Weight Variation: 1kg
Selling Region: Johor, Klang Valley, Penang

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