Organic Hojicha Powder 50g Japan

RM 29.90

Country of Origin:Japan
Highlight: -Sourced directly from Japan- Made with tea leaves grown and processed in Japan according to traditional method for the most authentic flavour
— Our Japanese matcha & hojicha supplier devotes itself to creating high-quality tea products, including use of high-quality tea leaves carefully selected by tea masters (aka chashi in Japanese) and introduction of new technologies for optimum quality control
— Their facility is certified to ISO9001, ISO22k and FSSC22k standards attributed to their quality control and food safety management sytem
– Has aromatic toasted nutty flavour with refreshing sweet taste
– Lower in caffeine thus more suitable for caffeine sensitive individuals
– Excellent source of antioxidants for numerous health benefits such as:
— Improve memory and focus
— Antiaging

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