Nourishing Soup Bundle Box

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What’s inside the box?
– Clear Soup Stock 175g
(Qing Yuan Organic Brown Shiitake Mushroom 4g, Raw Cashew nuts 50g, Organic garbanzo 80g, Organic soya nuggets 15g, Maitake mushroom 15g, Ginger coarse cut 8g)
– Nourishing Soup Stock 78gm
(Premium Raw Walnuts 30 g (10 pcs), Organic Soya Nuggets 15 g, Mini Shiitake 6 g (8 pcs), Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berries 15g, Kombu (Cut) 12 g (1 piece))
– Fresh Produces
(Organic Potato 300gm, Organic Carrot 300gm, Organic Tomato 300gm, Organic Brown Onion 150gm)

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