Nourishing Soup Bundle Box

RM 55.00

What’s inside the box?
– Clear Soup Stock 175g
(Qing Yuan Organic Brown Shiitake Mushroom 4g, Raw Cashew nuts 50g, Organic garbanzo 80g, Organic soya nuggets 15g, Maitake mushroom 15g, Ginger coarse cut 8g)
– Nourishing Soup Stock 78gm
(Premium Raw Walnuts 30 g (10 pcs), Organic Soya Nuggets 15 g, Mini Shiitake 6 g (8 pcs), Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berries 15g, Kombu (Cut) 12 g (1 piece))
– Fresh Produces
(Organic Potato 300gm, Organic Carrot 300gm, Organic Tomato 300gm, Organic Brown Onion 150gm)

Please provide info on allergy concerns and vegetables to avoid. Choosing the content of the box is however not available.

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