Fresh Essential Box – Johor

RM 100.00

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  • Please order 2 days before delivery day
  • Content of box changes weekly according to what is available in the season
  • You can add dry goods to your order for us to deliver together with the box

What is inside the fresh essential box?
Organic Vegetables: 7-9 varieties (Leafy, roots, beans, stems)
Organic Fruits: 1 variety (Dragon Fruit/ Banana/ Papaya)
Antibiotic Free Eggs: Selenium Eggs 10 pcs  or Omega Eggs 10 pcs
Simply Natural Bean Curd: Seaweed Bean Curd x 1 or  Pumpkin Bean Curd x 1 pc
Half deskinned chicken: 1 pc


A Little Cuties Eggs (+RM 6.50)

Antibiotic Free Eggs (Selenium Enriched) 10pcs (+RM 7.90)

Antibiotic Free Eggs (Omega 3) – 10pcs (+RM 7.90)

Frequently Bought Together

Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce 340ml China Johor

Country of Origin: China
Status: Organic
Certifications: NASAA
Highlight: Simply Natural Organic Red Yeast Soy Sauce is naturally brewed for 12 months using 140 years traditional soy sauce fermentation technique. Made with high quality soybeans and wheat organically grown in Dongbei (Northeast China) and premium quality red yeast rice (Monascus purpureus), this red yeast soy sauce is pure without any artificial additives and has 20% less sodium than Premium Grade Organic Soy Sauce. It has naturally bright amber colour and full-bodied flavour enhanced by red yeast rice, that imparts a pleasant and subtle aftertaste to the soy sauce. This vegan friendly soy sauce has ≥1.5g/100 ml and ≥0.9g/100 ml total nitrogen and amino acid nitrogen (AAN) content respectively, which is much higher than 6g/100 ml total nitrogen content as per stipulated by Sg and Msia Food Regulation Standards. The higher the nitrogen content, the higher the grading of soy sauce.
Selling Region: Johor

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