Baby Natura Org Riceberry Puffs Pumpkin Carrot Unit 40g Thailand Penang

RM 18.90

Country of Origin: Thailand
Highlight: Baby Natura Organic Puffs are made with whole grains of Organic Riceberry and Jasmine rice- high in fiber, minerals and antioxidants. It is flavored with organic fruits, berries and vegetables powders and does not use any kind of extracts, chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Donut shaped puffs are just right sized for babies small hands and helps in developing hand-eye co-ordination (fine motor skills). Convenient & portable for on-the-go nourishing, encouraging self-feeding.

Ingredients: Organic Riceberry and Jasmine rice (74%), Organic pumpkin powder (11%), Organic carrot powder (8%), Organic brown sugar (6%), Organic sunflower oil (1%).
Selling Region: Penang

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