Baby Natura Org Brown Rice Porridge Pumpkin Unit 120g Thailand Penang

RM 15.90

Country of Origin: Thailand
Highlight: Baby Natura’s Brown Rice Porridge is one of the best options for your baby’s first foods! Palatable and wholesome, this meal contains dietary fiber, proteins, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your baby.

Unlike polished rice, which removes essential nutrients from the husk, this porridge is made of brown rice adding twice the iron, three times more Vitamin B3, and more minerals to keep your baby growing strong and healthy! Use this cereal as a base to create innovative meals. Add your baby’s favorite fruits or veggies to whip up delicious and healthy meals every day!

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice (75%), Organic Pumpkin (25%).
Selling Region: Penang

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