Mom’s First Box

RM 167.40

What’s inside?

Items Price
Organic Mother’s Herbs Tea 24g RM18.90
Soy Lecithin Granules 250g RM23.90
Organic Sun-Dried Red Dates 180g RM12.90
Organic Red Adzuki Beans 500g RM11.90
Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berry 100g RM15.85
Organic Handmade Turmeric Mee Sua 200g RM7.55
Five Multi Grains 1000g RM17.90
Qing Yuan Organic Dried Small Brown Shiitake 60g RM13.90
+ Organic fresh produce best for new moms!
Items Price
Organic English Spinach 250g RM5.50
Organic Carrots 300g RM9.87
Organic Ginger Peru 150g RM11.25
Organic Choy Sum 250g RM5.00
Organic Siew Pak Choy 250g RM4.60
Organic Beetroots 150g RM5.50
Organic Kai Lan 250g RM5.20
Organic Mini Cos Lettuce 250g RM5.25
*Should any item in the gift set goes out of stock, similar item with equal or higher value will be offered upon notice. RM185.97 (10% off)


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