“Don’t be quick to dismiss organic farming”

The Straits Times published an article (Betting the Farm) on 23rd August 2013, which includes an interview with farmer Mr. Lim Hong Zhuang. Mr. Lim has a different view with regards to organic farming and is quoted as calling it a ‘hippie hoax’ and ‘taking a step back’.

In response to this article, our director, Mr. Tai Seng Yee, has written a reply to the Straits Times’ Forum page. His letter was published yesterday, 30 August, in The Straits Times.

An excerpt of our director’s published letter is stated below.

“In the article, Mr. Lim Hong Zhuang called organic farming a ‘hippie hoax’ and stated he considered it ‘taking a step back because fertilisers and chemicals were invented for good reason’.

Instead of using chemical fertilisers, organic farmers use naturally-derived compost and organic fertilisers to nurture the soil. It helps to build up the soil and protect the environment.

Conversely, chemical fertilisers…are deposited into the soil and our waterways. This results in pollution and top soil eventually becomes useless.

Much research into organic farming in recent years has resulted in the introduction of successful methods of reducing chemical use in conventional farms. Organic farming contributes to beneficial change and progress…this is certainly forward looking and not ‘taking a step back’.”

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