Cooking Demonstration with Xin Flavours Foods Magazine

Last Sunday (23th August 2013), Zenxin Agri-Organic Food and Xin Flavours Food Magazine from Miles Media Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) came together and organized a cooking demonstration at Zenxin Organic Park. Xin Flavours Food Magazine invited two professional chefs, Mr Tan from Conrad Hotel and Mr Wong from Swatow Seafood Restaurant to demonstrate two simple but healthy dishes and beverages that can be easily prepared at home. We used fresh vegetables and fruits harvested straight from our own Organic Farm and dry ingredients from our Simply Natural range.

Chef Tan first demonstrated the main course, Spinach and Pineapple Fried Brown Rice. The fragrant and hearty dish is prepared using all organic ingredients, which includes brown rice, English spinach, pineapple, turmeric powder, sesame oil and olive oil, along with Himalayan Rock Salt and antibiotic-free eggs. The recipe replaces regular white rice with organic brown rice, which is less processed and has a lower Glycemic Index (GI). Chef Tan revealed a quick tip for ensuring that your fried rice will have the perfect balance of taste. Simply mix well all ingredients you want (except eggs, garlic, and onion) in a bowl before cooking. This takes no time and makes sure that your fried rice will be on point each time, especially when cooking in large batches.

Next, Chef Wong prepared two healthy fruit juices which were organic choy sum dragon fruit juice and organic choy sum pineapple juice. Simply blend together the ingredients with some ice and water, and add honey for some natural sweetness. The ingredients for these juices can easily be replaced with your favourite fruits and vegetables to make your own perfect blend. These healthy juices not only tasty, they can also provide essential vitamins and minerals required in your daily diet. Why not try them as a quick breakfast on the go, or a nice afternoon-break drink?

After the demonstration, the chefs answered all the questions asked by visitors in a brief Q&A session. All in all, it was a fun day spent interacting with the professional chefs and learning from them. Follow us on Facebook for more future updates and events!

ingredients 600x800 1

Ingredients needed for Chef Tan’s special fried rice

fried rice 2 600x800 1

Chef Tan making everyone drool with his fragrant fried rice

fried rice 3 600x800 1

The results!

products 600x800 1

Some of our Zenxin and Simply Natural products used during the cooking demonstration.

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