brew tea at home

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it. Here is a way to brew your perfect cup of tea.

1.Choose Organic Tea

Choose organic tea

Do you know the only time you ‘wash’ the tea is when you steep them in hot water? Choosing organic tea ensures your perfect cup of tea doesn’t contain ‘extra’ chemicals that could harm your body. Organic tea cultivation also safeguards our farmers’ health from exposure to toxic materials, eliminating the risks of health complications due to chemicals used in conventional tea farming.

Why Drink Organic Teas?

2.Know the Origin

Happy Valley Darjeeling

Credit: Exciting India

Choosing tea with known origin of repute ensures the teas are of the highest quality, pure and unadulterated. Simply Natural Organic Teas are directly sourced from its origin:

  • SEKEM group in Egypt
  • ZENXIN Organic Park, Malaysia
  • Ambootia in Darjeeling, India.

All tea and tisanes are produced to its finest quality with origin certificates and organic transactional certificates attached to every batch of the teas.

3.Choose your Perfect Cup of Tea/ Tisane

choose your perfect cup of tea

Different types of teas/ tisanes have different flavour, aroma and therapeutic functions that suit different occasions. If you need a little caffeine to increase alertness, you may go for our Organic Green Tea and Organic Happy Valley Darjeeling Tea. If you feel too ‘heaty’, a cup of Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea may relieve your body’s heatiness, if you are having insomnia, a soothing cup of Organic Chamomile Tea before sleep could get you into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Get your perfect cup of tea

4.Water Quality

water quality

Tea is more than 95% water. Poor quality water can make good tea undrinkable, so it’s important to use clean, filtered water to brew tea. Water for tea should be freshly boiled with neutral pH (6-8) so it doesn’t turn the tea sour or bitter. Distilled water is not recommended as it can make the tea taste flat and dull.

5.Get Right Type of Tea Serveware

tea serveware

Choose the right tea serveware (be it teapot or mug) ensures you get the best tea drinking experience. A good tea serveware should be non-porous (so it won’t hold in different flavours and aromas), allows the tea to cool slowly and chemically safe. Thus, porcelain, ceramic and double walled glass cups are ideal for serving teas. On the other hands, materials like plastic, metal or stainless steel are not recommended.

6.Steep According to Instructions

Getting right steeping time and temperature will be the last crucial steps in making your perfect cup of tea. Refer to the general guide on steeping time and temperature for different teas.


SN tea

As we want our customers to get the most out of their cup, each Simply Natural organic tea comes with specific steeping instructions stated clearly on respective packaging.

Avoid oversteeping as it may result in bitterness of your tea!

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