Story of Zenxin’s Pumpkins

Story of Zenxin’s Pumpkins As Halloween is round the corner, Zenxin would like to share some fun facts about pumpkins – the fruit most associated with Halloween. Pumpkins are identified by their round or oval shapes and are normally green or an intense orange colour. Organic pumpkins are said to be very tasty – its sweet taste and bright yellow-orange flesh are both a visual treat and taste treat amongst children and adults. So how do we grow this well-liked fruit in Zenxin’s farms using organic and natural methods? Fun fact #1: We choose the healthiest, biggest and best-looking pumpkins in our farms and save their seeds. We go the extra mile to save the seeds of the best pumpkins such that we get to enjoy these amazing pumpkins again in future. Over time, our future pumpkins will adapt better to our climate conditions which ensure that we produce the [...]