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Organic Farming’s Sustainable Impacts

At ZENXIN, we believe that our organic actions speak the loudest. We have always strived ethically to achieve sustainability goals while following the 4 Principles of Organic Agriculture (Principle of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care) as outlined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. Here are some of the efforts: 

Promote micro nutrient-dense soil

We farm and support organic farming which promotes micro nutrient-dense soil used for decades to grow crops.

Protect water quality

We protect water quality by not contributing chemical residues such as fossil fuels, harmful pesticides and toxic fertilizers to our waterways.

Protect animal health and welfare

We encourage biodiversity, protect animal health and welfare in the farm by reserving at least 10% of our farm land without any activity for the wildlife to live.

safer produce to the consumers
No synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

No synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are used in our organic farms. These efforts protect our environment guarantee safer produce to consumers.

climate change square
Slow down climate change

Organic farming helps to slow down climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and incorporating it into the soil, thereby preventing further contribution to the Greenhouse Effect.

organic farmland
Conversion of conventional farms into organic farmlands

We have successfully converted more than 330 acres of land into organic farmlands in Malaysia since 2001.

Story from our farmers…

Teik Kiang and Father
Organic Farming in Kampung Raja, Cameron Highland, Malaysia

Teik Kiang and father started to converted to organic farming in 2011, after the father has been practicing the family has been practising conventional farming for decades. In the farm where they are living in at Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands, Teik Kiang remembered that when the workers spray pesticides, they were told to close the windows and they have to inform their neighbours to close the windows too when they start spraying. However, even with the closed windows, they could smell pesticides at home.

After obtaining his engineer degree in engineering, Teik Kiang he came back to help his father managing the farm. He soon realized that he has to stop using the pesticides since especially he, his children and his whole family are living in the farm, which they have no plan to move away. He decided switching to organic farming, so that the families and neighbours no longer have to breathe in any pesticides which was the best decision to their families.

His decision not only ensures the health is not only ensuring the good health and well-being of his family and neighbours, switching to organic providing provided him with a more stable income now. Besides, he He is also practicing biodynamic methods which to focus more on the long term health of his farm soil. Teik Kiang is one of the members of ZENXIN Organic Growers Group.

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Mr. Chong and Brother
Organic Farming in Brinchang, Cameron Highland, Malaysia

Mr. Chong and his brother are second generation farmers living in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.  The Chong family farm is situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by forest reserves with a nice stream passing through the farm. However, even at the top of the hill, the Chongs are not able to water their organic farm with the stream water. This is because another hydroponic farm upstream discharges water containing unwanted chemical fertilizers to the stream. The right to using clean water is disrupted by chemical farming and irresponsible discharge.

The Chong brothers have been practising organic farming for more than 20 years and are members of the ZENXIN Organic Growers Group. All these years, the Chongs insist on organic farming without the use of any chemical pesticides and fertilizers, in this way not only protecting their families’ health, but also their neighbours’ health, not spraying chemicals, discharging chemicals to the stream and waterways, they are in fact the guardians of the forest reserve. 

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