We strive to reduce food waste in ZENXIN! We have always given extra love and attention to fresh produce we call “Organic Uglies” , constantly applying efforts to perfectly edible uglies in a bid to reduce food waste.

  • Staff Canteen: Lots of our “Organic Uglies” fruits and vegetables turn up in ZENXIN’s Kitchen to transform into Organic Lunch for our staff.

  • Charity Donations: Every week, local charities collect our grade-out produce for use in their soup kitchens.

  • Midori Fertilizers: ZENXIN Organic Farms use self-made fertilisers and compost made from discarded raw materials, including our “Organic Uglies”. Not only does it supply nutrients to plants, it also reduces food waste. (Learn more about our Midori Fertilisers)

  • Organic Noodles: Ugly vegetables are as nutritious as their beautiful counterparts. They are made into fresh vegetable puree for our handmade organic noodles.

Check out our organic handmade noodles series!
organic uglies

Our ‘Organic Uglies’ may look imperfect, but they are equally tasty!