(This delicious, highly nutritious and visually pleasing salad recipe was created by Ms. Ceridwen Wolf of Zenxin Organic Food)





250g Zenxin’s Simply Natural organic hulled buckwheat

Enough filtered water to cover well

Soak over night, then rinse 3 times daily for 2 days until the buckwheat tails are visible



450g Zenxin organic beetroot

 Take the beetroot and wash the skin carefully, then place on a tray in the oven to roast. Depending on the size/sizes of your beetroot(s) this will take 1-2hrs

Carefully peel away the skin and discard. The roasting enhances its flavour and the skin keeps all the goodness in during the process. Chop the beetroot into small cubes.


Luscious pieces

3 organic Valencia oranges (peeled, sliced and cut into segments)

100g Zenxin fresh organic peasprouts

 Toss all the ingredients together and add the dressing below.



100ml freshly pressed organic orange juice

50ml Guerzoni organic balsamico bianco

1 tbsp wild raw honey

1 pinch Himalayan rock salt

100 ml Pressed Purity cold-pressed macadamia oil

Blend the first four ingredients together then add the oil in a steady trickle until you achieve an emulsion. This will give you plenty of dressing for the salad and some to store in the fridge for a green salad the next day.





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