(Recipe created by Ms. Ceridwen Wolf of Zenxin Organic Food)




400g Zenxin organic GABA sprouted brown rice

800g filtered water

 Soak, then cook in a Japanese rice cooker on the brown rice programme.



100ml freshly pressed organic orange juice

50ml ‘Guerzoni’ organic balsamico bianco

1 tbsp wild raw honey

1 pinch Zenxin Himalayan rock salt

100 ml ‘Pressed Purity’ cold-pressed macadamia oil

Blend first four ingredients together then add the oil in a steady trickle until you achieve an emulsion.

Pour 2/3 of the dressing onto the warm rice so that it absorbs well.



180g Zenxin organic button mushrooms (sliced)

 Take the remaining 1/3 of the dressing and massage it into the mushrooms. Add the following ‘Luscious Pieces’ ingredients to the mixture, stirring tenderly.


Luscious pieces

100g soaked pumpkin seeds (soaked overnight in the fridge)

1 local Zenxin organic local cucumber (chopped)

1 ripe Zenxin organic avocado (chopped)

6 organic dates (chopped)

Seeds and grains both benefit from soaking, as this activates the seed increasing the nutritional value and making it more digestible.