Amaranth, one of Dr. Oz’s top 3 anti-aging superfoods, is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium. Not only that, it has an excellent essential amino acid profile. Combine this pseudo-grain with fresh organic rock melon packed full of beta-carotene, folic acid, Vit C and dietary fibre, as well as organic mulberries with their raw food protein and resveratrol, and you have an age-defying snack at hand.

Add live organic yoghurt as well as wild raw honey and your delicious, nutritious and skin-benefiting breakfast is ready to be served!

Anti-aging Superfood Breakfast Recipe

Recipe created specially by Ms Ceridwen Wolf of Zenxin Organic Food.

You will need:

1 organic rock melon

50g pkt Zenxin fresh organic mulberries

50g dried mulberries

500g live organic plain yoghurt

½ cup wild raw honey

200g Ally puffed amaranth

Halve the rock melon and scoop out the seeds, then cut into segments and peel away the skin. Slice the segments into mouth size portions. Wash the fresh mulberries and snip off the stem and cut them into small pieces to scatter throughout the dish.

Mix together the yoghurt and the wild raw honey. Pour over the prepared fruit. Add the dried mulberries, then sprinkle the puffed amaranth and mix together.

Serve immediately.