Zenxin Fun Facts

Do you know that Zenxin’s organic corn can be eaten raw?  They taste refreshingly good and biting into one is like biting into a sweet-tasting fruit!

Sweet Corn (UPR) (low res)

If you are on the popular cabbage soup diet, Zenxin’s organic cabbage is a great choice as they are flavourful and fresh!

Round cabbage (UPR) (low res)

Vitamin A is contained in the skin of cucumbers. Organic cucumbers don’t require peeling, hence, you get to enjoy more nutrients.

Cucumber (UPR) (low res)

Zenxin’s Organic Dragon Fruit Juice is a must-try at the Zenxin Organic Park café. It is refreshingly delicious and chock-full with nutrients.

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 18 14.41

Alternatively, make your own Banana Dragon Fruit Juice.

The ingredients are:

Half of Zenxin’s dragon fruit (skin removed)

1 stick of Zenxin’s organic banana (skin peeled)

220ml yoghurt.


Cut the dragon fruit and banana into small pieces and drop them into  a blender. Pour yoghurt into the blender as well, and blend. Your Banana Dragon fruit Juice is ready to be served!

(Recipe courtesy of www.healthyjuicerrecipes.com)

Look out for more Zenxin fun facts in our upcoming entries!