It’s a sunny day today, perfect for a glass of ice cold tea.

We’re celebrating World Iced Tea Day!

Our certified organic teas are grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This ensures there’s no pesticide residues on the tea leaves and no added colouring or flavourings – ensuring safer consumption for you and your family. Remember, the only time you ‘wash’ your tea is when you steep it!

Besides, with our wide range of tea selections, you will never get bored of tea – especially for a cold drink on a sunny day like this.

Our favourite teas to be enjoyed cold are Chamomile Tea & Hibiscus Tea – what’s yours?

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Organic Chamomile Tea


  • Promotes better sleep quality in insomniacs
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Relieves stomach upset, nausea & common colds


Organic Hibiscus Tea


  • Contains flavonoids that possess anti-depressant property
  • Creates relaxing sensation to the body & mind
  • Maintains a normal blood pressure level in hypertensive adults