5 Fantastic Reasons to Visit the Zenxin Organic Park

#1. Fabulous Food!

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The Park café at the Zenxin Organic Park serves an extensive menu of delicious and wholesome food. Its Marmite Chicken is so popular that it is a preferred dish amongst the members of the Johor royal family! Its refreshing dragonfruit juice is another must-try at the Park café.

#2. Your kids will love the Park!

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At the Park, your children can feed fish, play a game of fish-catching, view the organic farms or simply cycle through the Park. The Park is a playground for the kids!

#3. It’s relaxing.

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A visit to the Park is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful views at the Park with your loved ones!

#4. Shopping!

farm mart

Zenxin’s Farm Mart houses fruits and vegetables freshly picked from the farms. There is also a vast array of organic and health food for sale at the Mart!

#5. Enjoyable Experience.

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You and your children can get a hands-on experience in farming and harvesting. It’s a priceless experience as such activities are rare in Singapore.

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