Zenxin Organic Food as well as our director, Mr Tai Seng Yee, were mentioned in an article (‘Organic Way of Life’) in Mind Your Body today.

Mind Your Body is a complimentary health magazine which accompanies The Straits Times every Thursday.







































 Quoted from the article:

“Zenxin Organic Food, a major Malaysia-based producer of organic fresh produce sold mainly through Cold Storage and Marketplace, has registered a year-on-year growth of more than 10 per cent since 2010.

Though director Tai Seng Yee says the organic market is still a niche one despite having existed for more than two decades, he feels this will change.

“We believe that more people will adopt healthier lifestyles in the near future and consuming produce free from chemicals, toxins and pesticides is one step towards a more health-conscious lifestyle,” he said.”

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