Dear Friends of Zenxin and Organic Apples Lovers

As some of you may know the apples news regarding the Gala and Granny smith apples from Bidart Bros plant in California were contaminated  by listeria monocytogenes. The USA, FDA department has pinpointed the Bidart Bros factory and only recalled the Gala and Granny Smith apples produced in California and processed in the factory. We have received a letter from Washington Apple Commission regarding the apples issue and declare that all apples from Washington State are safe to be consumed. We also have attached the letter for you in case you would like to know more.

For the northern hemisphere apples season this year, we only work with three brands of organic apples, Bio Sudtirol, an organization of  family organic farms from South Tyrol, Italy, Daisy Girl Organic and Starr Ranch Organic are both from Washington State, USA. The varieties we have brought in this season are Kanzi, Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith and Ambrosia. The organic apples we brought in are either meet or exceed Extra Fancy quality (As you can see in one of the pictures) means that we only bring in best quality apples of the season.

Do let us know if  you would like know more about the organic apples, we will try our best to answer your enquiry.

We, at Zenxin, strive our best to uphold the safety and the authenticity of the food we share with our customers.

Thanks for your support as always.

Organically yours,

TAI SENG YEE, Director of Zenxin Organic Food with Zenxin Organic Team.



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