Which local delight do you long for each time you go on a holiday? Is there a local flavour that always soothes you and comforts you when you need?

National Day is just around the corner! This year, ZENXIN invites you to celebrate our nation, our culture, our heritage, our history by taking on the inaugural ZENXIN Healthier You Challenge!

Whether it be Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai, now’s the time for you to get creative! Be inspired by ZENXIN’s finest organic offerings and create your very own interpretation of this local delight right at home.  

Stand a chance to win prizes worth RM200 and for your recipe to be featured on ZENXIN’s official website and social media platforms!

Exciting prizes include:

1st Prize: Khind Blender (worth RM120) and RM88 Cash Voucher (redeemable for all ZENXIN Organics and Simply Natural products online)

2nd Prize: Surprise Gift Box (worth RM50) and RM50 Cash Voucher  (redeemable for all ZENXIN Organics and Simply Natural products online)

3rd Prize: RM50 Cash Voucher  (redeemable for all ZENXIN Organics and  Simply Natural products online)

2 Consolation Prizes: RM20 Cash Voucher  (redeemable for all ZENXIN Organics and  Simply Natural products online)

How to take part?

  1. Create a healthier version of a local delight which reminds you of home — Malaysia, using at least one ingredient from ZENXIN Organic or Simply Natural‘s product range
  2. Submit your recipe in the Google form here.
  3. Upload a picture of your healthy local delight on Facebook or Instagram (post / stories), with the following hashtags #ZENXINHealthierYouChallenge #healthycookingwithZENXIN
    • Set post to be visible to public
    •  Include the ZENXIN Organic or Simply Natural product(s) used in the photo
  4. Include a short, creative write-up on your creation and tell us why this is such a treat for you
  5. Tag ZENXIN and 3 friends whom you want to challenge to start creating healthy recipes.
  6. Last but not least, get as many likes as possible!

Criteria for a Winning Recipe:

  1. No frying. Less oil. Less salt. Less sugar
  2. Creativity (unique flavor combinations, interesting twists on cooking techniques, reinterpreting recipes for special diets, creative decoration and serving ideas, etc.) 
  3. Popularity (Likes and comments) – get more people to know your healthy recipe and start cooking and eating healthy!

Please note that:

  • The participating period for the Challenge starts 1st August 2020 and ends on 30th August 2020 11:59 p.m.
  • The winner will be announced on National Day, 31/8/2020 (Monday), 8 p.m..
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • The decisions made by the management team are final and binding on all matters relating to this challenge.
  • The selected prizes are not refundable, transferable or exchangeable. All prizes that are not claimed before the stipulated deadline will be forfeited.


Share with us your favourite taste of home! You might be the winner of our #ZENXINHealthierYouChallenge!

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国庆日的脚步逼近。今年,参加诚兴国庆特备健康料理挑战,引用诚兴有机食品创造更健康的本地风味,与我们一同欢庆我们的国家、文化,为自己赢取价值高达RM200的奖品 。此外,您的健康食谱也将有机会被发布到诚兴官方网站和社交平台


大奖: Khind Blender (价值 RM120) 和 RM88 的诚兴线上购物礼券

次奖:有机惊喜礼盒(价值RM50) 和 RM50 的诚兴线上购物礼券

三奖: RM50 的诚兴线上购物礼券

2 份安慰奖:  RM20 的诚兴线上购物礼券


  1. 使用至少1种诚兴或Simply Natural的食材或产品创造您的健康食谱
  2. 将您的食谱提交至Google Form
  3. 给这道美味“家”肴拍张照,将照片上传至Facebook或Instagram(帖子 / 限时动态),hashtag #ZENXINHealthierYouChallenge  #healthycookingwithZENXIN
    • 将内容设置调整到“公开”
    • 让诚兴或Simply Natural的产品也出现在照片里
  4. 简短且创意十足地说明这道美食为何特别让您想“家”
  5. 标记我们,以及3位您想挑战的朋友


  1. 食谱非油炸、少油、少盐、少糖
  2. 创意 (如: 独特的风味、有趣的烹饪技巧、对原有食谱的改良、创意摆盘与佳肴设计等等)
  3. “知名度”(赞和留言)让更多人看见您的健康食谱,一起开始煮得健康,吃得健康!

Like 我们的Facebook/Instagram页面、分享此贴、获得更多的赞将帮助提高赢奖机会!


  • 国庆料理挑战将于 1/8/2020 开始,30/8/ 2020 11:59 p.m.结束。
  • 得奖名单将于国庆日 31/8/2020 (星期一), 8 p.m.公布。
  • 一人可参加多过一次。
  • 得奖者将由主办单位选出,主办单位的决定为最终决定,任何询问,恕不受理。 
  • 所获奖品不能以现金代替、不得转让或更换。所有礼券在有效日期后一律无效。