The Organic Intern!

Ken Chu, 23 years old, is one of the internship students from University Putra Malaysia. He had undergone his internship with Zenxin for 24 memorable weeks.


Why did you choose to undergo your internship at Zenxin?

“I wanted hands-on and a more close-to-nature experience for my industrial training. With that in mind, I searched online and found Zenxin and contacted them without a second thought” said Ken.

How was the experience as a whole?

“After being here for 24 weeks, I must say that I have learned a lot about how organic farms operate and how it differs from conventional farms.”

Ken added, “It was a fun experience as I had the opportunity to do things that I had never done before and meet different people with amazing stories to share.”



What were some of the memorable moments that you experienced during your involvement with Zenxin?

Ken said that there were happy and sad moments while being here in Zenxin. “Happy was when I fed, groomed and took care of the rabbits for the first time (how could you not be happy?). I would always remember the moment they surrounded you early in the morning when they saw you carrying their breakfast in your hands. Sad was when friends, who taught me the ropes of a farmer left the place as their service period had ended. I am still happy for them as they were going home to see their family which they missed dearly.”

Do you have any favourite Zenxin’s fruit /vegetable?

“Corn. The cornfields look amazing under the blue sky and the organic corns taste great.”


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