From Organic Farm to Sunset Dinner!! Only at Zenxin Organic Park
We had a wonderful sunset date with our customers at Zenxin Organic Park!

30 lucky customers from our #healthieryou lucky draw traveled from Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Kluang to join us on our #healthieryou journey for our first Sunset Dinner event last Saturday!

The guests started the evening with an organic farm tour guided by our farm staff. Apart from learning how Zenxin organic veggies are being produced and the hard work behind the scene, they were also given the chance to harvest and eat raw organic veggies along the route and gather some of the ingredients to make their own DIY salad! The young participants could guarantee you how good our freshly harvested ladyfingers taste! Each of them ate 2 pieces! 
Perhaps this very lucky group of people are luckier when they are all together, we had a stunning sunset on a rainy November day! The dinner venue was at the “highest peak” of Zenxin Organic Park, where you can have a panorama view of Sembrong and Kluang!
The menu of the day combined the ideas of our Nutrition team and culinary skills of our kitchen staff. And taaa daaa- a hearty, healthy & delicious meal, paired with a glass of cold brewed Chamomile tea whilst overlooking the sunset view.  Owhhhhh~ I wished we can organize this every week! We have had a hearty and balanced meal thanks to the team!

We also had a surprise guest- our founder, Mr. Tai Kok Kong joined the winners for the Sunset Dinner too.  He was the most camera-sought-after target of the day!

Isn’t it the perfect romantic dinner when every stakeholders enjoying the process so much? (And be 100% sure about the process from farm to table!)

And to all our customers, thanks for joining us in this food journey and we wish you a Healthier You the next time we meet again!

PS: Due to high demand, we’ll be having more Sunset Dinners in the near future!

Stay tune for more news from Zenxin Organic Park! Send in your enquiry so we know you are interested!