To celebrate Hari Raya, Simply Natural will bring you three special editions of food packs which are festive, tasty and healthy. Exclusively at AEON Stores and Zenixn Organic Shops or contact [email protected] for more details.

DSC07544-01My Favourite Snack Pack

A set of healthy snacks which is suitable for every generation, including energy rich mixed nuts, 2 types of crunchy nutty crackers, cranberry dries and mulberry leaf tea. They comes with bountiful nutrients for the healthy lifestyle. Share this healthy snacks with your family and friends and have a great tea time together during this festive season.


DSC07523-01My Favourite Nasi Set

The prefect gift for friends and family, which includes three different types of nutritious organic rice (White Rice, Brown Rice and Basmati White Rice), a bottle of multipurpose organic virgin coconut oil (1L) and a packet of organic raw peanut kernel (500gm).Choose any type of rice that could fulfil your appetite and pair it with the ingredients that you like then you are ready to make a perfect meal!


DSC07532-01-01Raya Handmade Cookies Set

Oat is excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre and oat beta glucans which can improve our immune system defence. Three quick and easy recipes of muffins, cookies and instant breakfast are attached inside the box. Let your family and friends taste your delicious masterpiece and share the nutritious moment together! This set includes 1 bottle of Raw Walnut (150gm), 1 package of Australian Organic Rolled Oats (500gm), 1 package of Organic Oat Flour (500gm) and 1 package of Organic Unbleached Plain Flour (900gm).