November 20/21st  Zenxin @ Pasir Panjang saw customers and students enjoying raw chocolate treats and the start of Christmas baking.
On the 20th Linda created a delicious raw chocolate green smoothie followed by raw chocolate ice cream and chocolate fudge which also went well the Genoese foccacia baked that morning.
Linda shared with us the nutritional benefits of raw chocolate. Rich in magnesium it helps balance brain chemistry, builds strong bones, supports healthy heart function and combats depression. It contains MOA inhibiters which allow more serotonin to circulate in the brain supporting rejuvenation. Basically we feel good when we eat Cacao and it does us good. There are over 25,200 antioxidants in a single spoonful of raw cacao powder!

Sunday’s baked treat was an Orange Cinnamon Swirl using the zest and juice from our organic Valencia oranges and a mixture of wheat and quinoa flour.. This is a sweet bread with a soft delicate texture inside surrounded by a crunchy crust. It tastes best served hot from the oven so the butter melts through the cinnamon sugar.

With Christmas around the corner we have another Raw Chocolate Workshop lined up for you on the 12th December preceded by an Alce Nero promotion in the shop on the 11th. Expect samples of Christmas shortbread and gingerbread cookies over the weekend.