Wan Nur Azid, 23 years old one of the internship student from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). He has successfully undergone for his industrial training for 24 weeks (6months) in Zenxin Organic Park. He said many new experience that I have gained during my industrial training here. I feel very grateful for the oppurtunity to learn in the field of organic farming in more depth.

Why you choose Zenxin Organic Park to undergo your internship program ?

“When I was looking for industrial training, I found a zenxin website and I am impressed when I read the website says zenxin is one of the largest organic farms in Malaysia. So I continue to explore zenxin more to keep on organic farms, such as activities performed and the most interesting one is the farm is open to the tourists. There are a lot of interesting info that makes me want to come to this place to learn and gain experience in the field of organic matter” said Azid.

What your first impression when you are in Zenxin Organic Park ?

“ My first words When I reached here is wow! yes this is a very large farm. I hope I will get a lot of knowledge and experience as big as this farm area” said Azid.

How was your internship program for 6 months here ?

“ My journey of  internship  was very good. I have a lot of experience can be for 6 months here. Although I am from field of agriculture, I also exposed to new fields of business and I know that agriculture can also be used as a thriving business. I am very thankful to acquire a lot of knowledge in many fields and I also got a boost of confidence when dealing with clients so as to interact better ” said Azid.

“Lastly, I would like to thank company for giving many opportunities to intern student and make us become more motivated to stay in agriculture. I am also very grateful to the company for providing a lot of convenience and benefits to intern students, such as food and accommodation are very comfortable then makes us successfully completed my industrial training here. I would recommend this company to my friends who perform their industrial training in the future” said Azid.

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