【Organic Fresh, Juicy,Tasty Citrus Fruits – From Spain🇪🇸 】🍋🍊🍑

 🎀 Organic Lemon
🎀 Organic Mandarin
🎀 Organic Red Grape Fruit

Wanna make some tasty delightful citrus salad this weekend? 😍😋🥗🍋🍊🍑
Try this: Simply slice these juicy citrus fruits🍋🍊🍑 into your desire sizes and then add a bit of lemon juice. Toss and let sit 5 minutes so citrus can release some of their juices. Transfer citrus,🍽🥄 leaving juice behind, to a large plate. Tuck avocado in between and around citrus. Now, spoon🥄citrus juice over salad, scatter pistachios over, and drizzle with oil. And then you are ready to go for a delicious citrus salad.

🍊 Mandarin: Enhances immunity with higher vitamin C content
🍋 Lemon: Act as an anti-aging food and may be able to help keep your skin healthy and glowing with their abundance of antioxidant content.
🍑 Red Grapefruit: Boost metabolism and encourages weight loss

But then, make sure to 【CHOOSE ORGANIC PRODUCE】to enjoy their full nutrition and goodness.Say No to🙅‍♀️:
 Chemical Fertilisers
 Additional Waxing

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【Zexin’s Organic Spain Citrus Fruits】🇪🇸 🍋🍊🍑
You know we often left out our Spain produce which is more low profile. But 【Do you know】👀 the quality of these fruits are at the top thanks to the combination of sub-tropical climate & fertile soil like in other mandarin countries.👍😍 That explains the high quality fresh, juicy & sweet-with the right balance of acidity of our citrus fruits. I’m sure you wouldn’t wana miss this.💯☑️🔝

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