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The heritage of wine-growing in Nugareto seems predestined, given the perfect soil condition in this part of Italy just outside Bologna. By combining fruits from traditional wine grapes with the main local variety known as Grechetto Gentile, Nugareto produces a range of fine quality organicPignoletto and Bologna wines. Sampling a glass of these fine vintage for yourself is the only way to be enchanted by the charisma of Nugareto and appreciate Bologna’s long history of enogastronomical culture. Now, they are available in Zenxin Organic Shops @ Singapore.

来自意大利波隆那地区的 Nugareto 出产的有机红酒、白酒和香槟,闻名遐迩。您现在可以率先在新加坡 Zenxin 诚兴有机店品尝芳醇佳酿!

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