Say hello to Simply Natural Brand-New Organic Teas Healthy: Bitter Gourd Tea Series 

If you are looking maintaining healthy blood cholesterol level, our Bitter Gourd Tea series might be the perfect choice for you! 😋

Simply Natural Organic Bitter Gourd products series:
• Organic Bitter Gourd Tea
• Organic Bitter Gourd Tea with Lakadong Turmeric
• Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea with Bitter Gourd

Prized for its pronounced bitterness, bitter gourd is traditionally known to be able to clear body heatiness, while modern studies also suggest a myriad of its other medicinal benefits, including anti-diabetes and maintaining healthy blood cholesterol level. 👍

【Organic Bitter Gourd Tea (Strong) 】- Good medicine tastes bitter, thus you wouldn’t want to miss out this strong version of Organic Bitter Gourd Tea. With 2 teabags a day, you could easily achieve the therapeutic dosage for blood sugar normalization.👌

【Organic Bitter Gourd Tea with ‘Lakadong’ Turmeric】- This blend of ‘cooling’ bitter gourd & ‘warm’ turmeric makes the perfect functional match for those in need of a natural remedy for joint pain and keeping their blood sugar in check.

【Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea with Bitter Gourd】- These pair work synergistically in normalizing blood sugar levels. Taste mild & faintly herbal, this could be the perfect bitter gourd tea blend for those often gets overwhelmed by the bitterness of bitter gourd.

No chemicals in your tea!

💯 Organically grown in our Zenxin Organic Park, Kluang, our bitter gourd tea is produced strictly free from chemicals & pesticides, which can be served as the best drink of health for all. ☕️

Now you can check them out in your nearest Zenxin outlet or at:“Lakadong”Turmeric