Meet our Volunteer from Switzerland!


Flora comes all the way from Switzerland to volunteer with Zenxin under the World Wide Opportunity for Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. WWOOF allows one to work with organic farms around the world on a short-term basis.


Name: Flora Maerki (from Switzerland)

Age: 19

Occupation: Student
How long were you in Zenxin? 6 weeks

What made you embark on this program? I heard about Zenxin from WWOOF and I liked the description of the farm and the website, especially because its a very important organic supplier in malaysia.

How has the experience been for you? It has been a great and unique experience, which I will never forget. I saw how organic farming works and the whole marketing and packeging process and also to meet so many friendly and open minded people. I think it is an ideal way to learn more about Malaysia and about organic farming.
Did you notice any changes to your lifestyle and/or diet during your involvement in Zenxin? As I try to purchase a lot of organic veggies in my home as well, I didnt change anything. But it made me think about trying some organic farming in my home as well.

What are some of the memorable moments you experienced during your involvement with Zenxin? For me the whole stay in Zenxin is unforgettable, I met nice other volunteers, and I could see many different parts of the farm and join the people from the farm to a lot of beautiful and interesting places. I think for me the most unique experience was making so many new friends and spending time with them.

Do you have a favorite Zenxin fruit or vegetable? Yes dragon fruit.