Zenxin conducted 2 of our Life Force Culinary Art series of 3 culinary workshops on 15 April and 16 July in collaboration with Mr Wong Kee Yew at Zenxin’s headquarters Pasir Panjang, Singapore. The final workshop in this series is scheduled on 10 September. We are pleased to see all 3 classes were immediate sold out, thanks to your wonderful support!
Zenxin Organic Life Force Culinary Workshops @ Singapore

Life Force Culinary Workshops Conducted by Mr Wong

Kee Yew is the Founder for The Veg School (TVS) and the principal speaker of its Veg and Nutrition courses. He holds a bachelor degree in Biotech (Hons.) from Australia and has worked in the life science research sector for 10 years. He became a vegetarian in 2002 and has been volunteering in various charity organizations such as Vegetarian Society and Kampung Senang. Kee Yew is a sought-after speaker for many public vegetarian educational seminars, workshops and organic tours.
Our participants were foodies who have been using Zenxin’s high quality produce for a long time. The sessions were packed with useful tips, fun facts, “cheats” about the handling of specific ingredients, and laughter, of course. The participants were treated to various delectable cuisines created using only Zenxin’s organic produce in just 150 minutes.
12993343_1016577461746594_4069505209136609474_nAfter the workshops, the participants took the opportunity to buy the fresh ingredients used during the workshops right there and then at the Zenxin store, while their memory of the taste, fragrance and colours of the dishes were still fresh.
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