Rob Jordan comes all the way frm England to volunteer with Zenxin under the World Wide Opportunity for Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. WWOOF allows one to work with organic farms around the world on a short-term basis.

He worked with Zenxin for 7 memorable weeks.

“Why did you take part in the WWOOF program?”

“Having spent all time in a city I really wanted to be closer to the earth we live and to understand how we can produce good, clean food. In such a short time I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt,” said Rob, who claims to have enjoyed his stint at Zenxin immensely.

“How was the experience as a whole?”

“Probably my most treasured experience was when I was given the task of leading full tours for school children. I was able to talk at length about the organic process and its importance, introduce the farm’s produce and the herb garden.

“Initially I was apprehensive, but once I started, the information just flowed,” he continued. “Getting children involved is great. Letting them plant seeds, harvest kangkong and feed animals bring huge smiles to their faces – it was tremendously rewarding.”

Rob added, “On a personal level, the Zenxin team has been great. We had meals together as well as regular badminton and table tennis sessions. Uncle Fong, Sanghallan and Vannessa had been really kind in introducing me to great food and the Malaysian lifestyle. I’ve made some very good friends and will always stay in touch.”

“So do you have a favourite Zenxin fruit or vegetable?”

“Suprisingly my favourite fruit was the water apple – sweet, juicy and very new to me. Obviously the dragon fruit is fascinating to me as well!”

You may read more on the WWOOF program here. Volunteers may work with organic farms around the world in exchange for food, accommodation, opportunities to learn about the organic lifestyle and memories to last a lifetime.