Screenshot_2015-04-30-16-47-26_mh1430383731964“I LOVE MOM” Collaboration with Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore 2015

Mother, a role model in every aspect of our life. She raises us up, nourishes us with her compassion, love and fearlessness. She is also our first teacher who guides, gives us confidence and makes us feel valued. She always cheer us up whenever we are sad. She is proud of us when we achieve and never ask for anything back. She is a versatile and graceful lady who plays the roles of daughter, wife and mother.

No one born to be a mother. However, motherhood makes a woman stronger and become a superwoman for her family, her children and her life. Mother is a 24 hours job with no holiday. She never leaves her family and children at home and unattended. As the saying goes, mother knows the best. Her selfless and unconditional love showers us with all best things for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Especially the working mothers, they meet more challenges to strike between family, work and personal time.

In this thankful May, we, at Zenxin would like to thank all mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day.  We show our support by sponsoring Mrs Singapore and Classis Mrs Singapore 2015, a married women pageant, which encompasses marriage, motherhood, and contribution to the community. Beyond the physical beauty, this beauty event emphasizes on the true essence of successful, empowered modern woman; striving and achieve balance in the multi-faceted life, understand the health of the family, contributing significantly to both family and the society as a whole.

We hope our little contribution will create awareness of the married women contribution to the family and society, as well as boost their confidence in the roles of motherhood and marriage.

“妈妈,我爱你!” 新加坡夫人及新加坡典雅夫人大赛2015活动赞助