Dear Friends of Zenxin,

I hope this mail finds you healthy.

I have a question for you today: Do you think you have become healthier than last year? Last month? Or last week? Our lives have become busier than ever. You are busy with your family, your work and friends, and you may have just forgotten about taking care of your health.

How do we see ourselves becoming healthier? To me, simple indicators such as are we able to sleep well, do we feel recharged when we woke up, do we pass motion with ease, do we feel more energised during the day and do we fall sick less frequently, might help to clear the doubt. We always say that “you are what you eat”. Indeed, the most important and easiest way to stay healthy is through our diet. In Zenxin, we believe that healthier food source is the key to healthier living.

The good news is, we are organising our annual Zenxin Healthier You campaign to remind us staying healthy is simple and rewarding. Living a quality and healthy life benefits not only you and also your families. We plan to organise a few “makan sessions” – brunch, tea and dinner in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and in our Zenxin Organic Park at Kluang, using our Zenxin organic fresh produce and food from Simply Natural range. We like to showcase to you our food through tasting. We want you to mingle with the chefs who understand our food and to know how they have created those delicious cuisines so that you can go home and continue these experiences –  creating healthy and flavoursome meals for you and your loved ones.

Have you seen the videos we have created for our organic cabbages from Cameron Highland, the organic Morado garlic from La Mancha in Spain and the organic olive oil from Valencia? These are the efforts of us continuing our mission in this organic journey, that is, to bring you the best and healthier food from the healthier food sources.

This year is special as Zenxin Travel is organising a unique tour called The Sincere Food Trail, bringing visitors to our certified organic farms up on Cameron Highland and then a nostalgic food tour in Ipoh. This is a first for all-Malaysian organic farms because working farms are usually not open for public. During this organic journey, you will get a chance to harvest your fresh produce and have them as lunches in some of our favourite restaurants. I will personally lead the tour and will be answering all your queries pertaining to organic farming and our reliable food sources. I am sure we will have lots of fun and memorable experience through learning and tasting the food.

This September, there are many road shows, promotional events, sampling activities and product discounts waiting for you throughout the region. We certainly hope to see you in one of these activities and become a healthier you!

The team leader